Camera Hand Grips Review: Top 10 List


The camera hand grips remain the camera fixed to your hand. Although they are excellent, a neck strap has a tendency to get in the way when it is not actively being used. Also, a neck strap can be the reason for a dropped camera if it catches on something surprisingly. With this in mind, it makes more logic to use a hand strap, particularly if you are going to be mainly holding your camera in your hand.

Camera Hand Grips
Camera Hand Grips

Calculated to firmly hold a camera and stay away from unnecessary damages or accidents, a hand strap features a portrait grip support. A good number of them feature excellent quality for enhanced performance and added functionality. Nevertheless, it is never easy getting a premium quality camera hand grips, and that is why we bring you the following top 10 best camera hand grips for sale reviews.

10 Best Camera Hand Grips Review For Photographers

1. Accessory Genie Hand Strap

Break free from the painful neck strap with this easy hand strap. This portable and convenient wrist stabilizing hand strap works with the Nikon L840, P610, Coolpix P900, D3300, D5300, D7100, D810, D750, D5500, D810A, and D7200. It is a mixture of a wrist and hands strap to avoid unintentional drops while allowing you to move freely. The Dura Neoprene creation is not simply lightweight but also is strong for better support. This hand strap uses a metal tripod connection and ring for ultimate security. It comes with a 3-year company’s warranty to defend against defects.

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2. Prost Hand and Wrist Strap

This premium camera hand grip is planned for DSLR/SLR or camcorders. Its big padded SLR camera grip features a non-slip surface for improved performance. This hand grip provides comfort, extra security, as well as ensures better handling. It is black in color to fully mix with most cameras. The Prost Hand and Wrist Strap are well-matched with common Camera brands.

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3. Altura Photo Camera Hand Grip

Love to take images of all different positions and angles? This fast release wrist and hand strap are engineered to fit at ease around your wrist and hand for all those stunning shots while still given that shield and additional safety against any unexpected drops. It has two exchangeable heads to use for larger DSLR camera as well as smaller point & shoot cameras and a mirrorless camera. The fast release clip is planned to simply join or remove the camera on and off the wrist strap. The Altura Photo Camera Hand Grips are backed with Digital Goja 90-day 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

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4. BIRUGEAR Hand Strap

This camera hand and wrist strap is ergonomically planned to enhance comfort while delivering the much-needed functionality. Aside from the further comfort, this useful hand strap really develops constancy and accuracy, as well as a safety since it will be avoiding your camera from those sudden accidents. It is designed to fit any hand size so it can deliver noticeable results. The BIRUGEAR Hand Strap is compatible with PowerShot SX540, Nikon DL24-500, SX520 HS, and more. Please note that this product is not compatible with D3200, D5200, and D5100.

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5. Move HSG-2 Padded Wrist Strap

The Movo HSG-2 Padded Wrist Strap assures you of a firm grasp of your camera while out taking shots. It has a padded hand cushion that provides support and makes it comfortable when the shot appears. Unlike a neck strap, which leaves your camera hanging, the Movo HSG-2 Padded Wrist Strap remains your DSLR camera tightly in your hand so when you are all set to shoot, all you need to do is to move your camera to eye level and shoot. It fits camcorder’s and camera’s ¼-20 tripod mount.

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6. PROST Soft Neoprene Hand Wrist Strap

This soft neoprene hand wrist strap provides a comfortable alternative to carrying an SLR camera or other gear. It has a universal strap that fits all the branded cameras like Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, and Pentax, among others. The neoprene guarantees strength, additional security, ease, and better handling. This hand wrist strap is black in color to perfectly match with most gears.

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7. Canon E2 Hand Strap

The Canon E2 Hand Strap is a hand strap designed for the EOS 60D digital SLR cameras. It not only enables a more secure grip but also enhances the one-handed operation of the 60D. Unlike most camera hand grips, the Canon E2 Hand Strap comes with a tripod mount adapter for better, peerless performance.

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8. Movo HSG-6 Grip Strap

Made from best man-made leather, these camera hand grips is planned to serve for a long time. It has a firm grip to assist avoid accidental drops of camcorder and camera. The completely padded cushion carries in maximum comfort. The Movo HSG-6 Grip Strap is made to fit all hand sizes. It fits camcorder’s and camera’s ¼-20 tripod mount.

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9. IMZ E6 Wrist Strap Hand Grip

This padded professional quality genuine leather grip strap features cushioned camera grips that fit around your hand and stabilizes your camera while shooting. Aside from being planned to steady a camera shooting, these camera hand grips has a metal support, micro-fiber padding, and a flexible strap that guarantees a solid and easy grip. This strap has fast release metal cover which allows you to connect the camera to tripod directly. The IMZ E6 Wrist Strap Hand Grip is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee.

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10. Movo HSG-8 Padded Wrist and Grip Strap

The Movo HSG-8 Padded Wrist and Grip Strap are planned for average to big hand sizes, or for those who wish for a looser fit. It is basically a larger version of Movo’s HSG-2 Padded Wrist and Grip Strap. The dual wrist and grip strap present additional safety to assist avoid accidental dropping of camcorder or camera. This Wrist and Grip Strap is completely padded for ultimate comfort.

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Last Word

Aside from enhancing the ease and making it easier to use our cameras, hand straps help prevent accidental dropping of camcorder or camera. They are prepared with strong straps that are durable and their stunning features make using your camera a light wind. Since they come in a selection of styles, these hand straps guarantee you have a bright chance of getting an attractive item that best suits your requirements. Moreover, they are within an affordable range so will not have any hindrance to acquiring a top quality product.